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Age Group Invitational: April

Registration opens in February.

Male & Female Ages: 13-15, 16-19,35-39, 40-49, 50+. Team MM & FF mix and match above divisions.


Wonder Women of CrossFit: June

Registration opens in April

FF team scaled and RX

This is a powerful, all-female event!

Movement requirements
gymn. skills: ttb, kipping pullups, box jumps,
barbell : 65# shoulder to overhead, overhead squat

SCALED: hanging knee raise, ring rows, box steps
45# shoulder to overhead, overhead squat

Rookie Rumble: August

Registration opens in June


scaled M & F individual
scaled MM & FF teams

MOVEMENT REQUIREMENTS: Is this competition right for you?

Winter Rendezvous: December

Fit for our Fallen: Saturday before Memorial Day weekend

An awesome challenge for an awesome cause. For $39, register at least 2 weeks before the event date to guarantee a tee shirt. All proceeds benefit a local Bloomington charity.
This year, we are partnering with Adaptive Sports at IU to bring awareness and inclusion for the adaptive needs of students and veterans in our community.

Heats begin at 9am and 10:30am; bring a friend to count your reps. Then stick around for a pitch-in lunch with BYOB at noon.

MINI MURPH: 1/2 murph

MURPH: team or individual
1 mile run, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, 1 mile run

MIGHTY MURPH: team or individual
1 mile run before each 100,200,300.

To participate as an individual, you must have trained on a consistent schedule with CrossFit classes, regardless of division.

For Mini Murph and Murph, it is perfectly fine to modify:

Pullups: bands or ring rows
Pushups: knees or inclined
Running: can be modified to rowing if you are unable to run.

CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Course - MARCH 9, 2019


The Kettlebell Course teaches participants the principles of:
*variety to CrossFit workouts.

*Improve performance through better biomechanics.

*Quickly assess and correct common errors.

*Perform a systematic progression of exercises with a single kettlebell (endurance focus; i.e., swings, cleans, push presses, snatches).

*Perform a systematic progression of exercises with two kettlebells (power focus; i.e., swings, cleans, thrusters, double snatches and the long cycle).

*Increase performance through movement-specific breathing cycles.

*Understand and apply key elements of the Turkish get-up.

Aerobic Capacity with Chris Henshaw - JULY 27, 2019



1. No refunds. Our events sell out, but substitutions are welcome. Contact us if you need to sub.

2. We run on time. Rest assured we will not start late or finish late.

3. Judges: our members are awesome, and they’re also donating their weekend for the good of the CrossFit community. They give 110% to help ensure we’re running a great competition. Please be kind to them as we are all human and do our best.

4. You’ll receive an email within 24 hours with your heat times. We know your family wants to know when it’s your turn, but in order to run an organized event, we need to be prepared for last minute changes without disrupting your expectations.

5. About our divisions. Competitions are designed to get you to WORK ON YOUR WEAKNESSES. If you’re RX except you can’t do double unders, get to practicing! If you’re RX except for the 35# dumbbell and 95# snatch, then get to practicing! Ensuring you’re placed in the right division is important to us, and your fellow competitors. Are you willing to be at the bottom of RX because you’re time has passed at the top of scaled?

About Scaled Divisions:

Scaled divisions are legitimately for those who scale workouts just about every single day. If you…do hanging knee raise, cannot do a bodyweight pullup, scale lighter weights for most or all your workouts, then you are Scaled.

If you do toes to bar or body weight pullups even just one at a time, can do most RX barbell work, can do doubles on a good day…consider yourself RX with some weaknesses to work on.

About RX Divisions:
1. Events that do not have a scaled division, you can still scale the workout. Your score will not be counted among the RX competitors.

2. Events with RX and Scaled divisions, see above description.