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The 5th cycle of 2015 will be geared towards traditional CrossFit- General Physical Preparedness, with a few more strength pieces added in compared to session 4. We will follow a 5 on-2 off schedule, with team workouts on Saturdays for fun days and a complete rest day on Sundays. The template encourages new skill development, generates unique stressors, crosses modes, incorporates quality movements, and hits all three metabolic pathways. It does this within a framework of sets and reps and a cast of exercises that CrossFit has repeatedly tested and proven effective.
Monday July 20 & Tuesday July 21 (Tests)– Friday August 28,
retesting on Monday August 31 & Tuesday September 1st.
De-load Wednesday September 2- Friday September 4th.

A. Build to a 3rm front squat. (~15min.)
*warmup: 8-10x empty bar, 6-8x 40-50%, 4-6x 50-60%, 2-4×60-70%, 3×70-80%,
2-3 attempts at a max. Goal is to hit 85%+ for 3.
All warmup % based off 1rm.

B. Build to a 3rm push press. (~10-12min.)
*same warmup structure as front squat.