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Snooze-Button Meme

A. Double under skill work
B. 4 rounds for max reps:
0-2 work. 2-3 Rest.
3-5 work. 5-6 rest.
6-8 work. 8-9 rest.
9-11 work. Done.
Run 100/200/300/400m.
* Pick a distance you know you can do consistently with time left for DU.
(Goal would be to have a min of 30 sec left for DU)
Max reps of DU in remaining time.
Rest 1 min. after each round.

Core accessory work:
3 sets:
Bird dogs x 10 each side (as seen here:
Hollow Body Hold x 45- 60 seconds (as seen here:
Superman Hold x 15-20 reps (as seen here: )