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About Hoosier CrossFit

Our gym is founded on 4 core values to help everyone have a memorable experience at our gym.   Not only do these values drive our business from within, but our members accept and follow these values to get the most out of their experience.  These values are the reason why Hoosier CrossFit provides the best strength and conditioning program for general preparedness.

Our 5700 square foot facility has been the home of Hoosier CrossFit since 2012.  Scroll through the pictures to get a visual tour of our space. Below are a few frequently asked questions about what we have to offer.

Where are the machines?

Bathrooms and shower:

Locker Rental:

Child Care:

Our training focuses on performing functional movements; in our gym, your body creates the same movement patterns you’re already performing in life. Lifting a pet from the floor and pulling it to your shoulders is a power clean. We will teach you how to engage your core & learn proper mechanics so you can perform daily tasks in safer ways to help prevent injuries in sport and life.

We have 2 bathrooms and one with a shower room. Bring your own towel and toiletries if you plan to use the shower.

Rent a locker to store running shoes, spare clothes, shower accessories, protein mix, and all that stuff you’d rather not carry around. For only $10 a month, contact the front desk associate to set you up with a locker.

While we don’t offer supervised child care, your kids can hang out in a temperature controlled room with their homework and toys. We have a strict policy on cleanliness in which the room must return to it’s original order before leaving. To ensure everyone’s safety. kids may not play along or distract participants in classes.