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Introducing the Hoosier Athletic Club

When we started 7 years ago, we had a dream to share CrossFit with the Bloomington community.  Much has changed since our days hustling on Saturday mornings at Bryan Park.  We defied the odds; as a husband and wife team we not only survived the first few years of entrepreneurship, we grew exponentially.  Our core values are a contribution to that success, but the one that stands out the most is Community.  It has been our mission to help all ages and abilities feel welcome, supported, and respected in our environment, and that is why it was on our hearts to introduce the Hoosier Athletic Club. 

This June 2017, the Hoosier Athletic Club will be located on 340 s. Walker Street.  All the reasons our members love our programs, and the results they’ve been getting, aren’t going to change.  We’re simply changing the name of our business to help everyone in the Bloomington community feel more inclusive, providing more and diverse services.

We’ll be in a new location June 1st!

When we were told 2 years ago that our current 501 Location will be redeveloped, and it became our mission to find a new home for our members. For a year and a half, we drove down all streets, in all directions: we needed 15′ ceilings, plenty of free parking, and staying as close to our current property as possible. It was our dream to purchase a property so you can have a forever home. Last summer, 2016, we were driving past a property that had potential. After speaking with Rubicon Builders and obtaining a relationship with a small business lender, we purchased this property last October. It will be an exciting day when we move into 340 Walker street at the end May of 2017. This album shows our progress through purchase and build out!

To view our journey and updates on the new construction, check it out here.

Core Values

We wouldn't be a success to this day if our members didn't feel support from the coaches and the gym community; it starts with the belief in five core values.


Our coaches are highly trained, prepared for all abilities, and all ages. Our passion is to ensure that you receive quality leadership and education in all services.


Our policies and core values ensure that your experience yields commitment and results. All you need to do is show up with a hard working spirit and positive attitude, we’ll do the rest.


A strong community is bonded through a hard working spirit, void of gossip and judgement. When you walk in our doors, you’re not going to be judged, you’re going to be welcomed.



Do the right thing regardless of who’s around, who might be watching, or how hard that situation may be.

Community Involvement

You’ll hear from our members that Hoosier CrossFit is more than just a gym. As a small staff of three, you can see how much hard work, passion, and dedication we put into our fitness, our members, and our community.


We host 3-4 competitions annually, and each event brings in 250-500 athletes and spectators to Bloomington. Competitions test an athletes level of skill, cardio, and strength. Hotels, Restaurants and other local attractions benefit from our events!


We are always offering something for our members! We compete in friendly competitive events where all ages and abilities are comfortable to participate. Not all events are competitive, though. From the 5-week CrossFit open, to the OakenBucket WOD against CrossFit west Lafayette to our Tacky Sweater Christmas WOD and gift exchange to celebrating HCF anniversaries with a keg of beer to picnics at the park, you are sure to make new friends.


One of CrossFit’s mottos is “Learn and Play New Sports.” Whether it’s doing pullups on a moving vehicle, to practicing hand eye coordination in our Softball League, to competing against sports-specific rowing athletes, we want to make our mark! Our team holds the title for the Indy Indoor Rowing champions, Best Vehicle in the 4th of July Parade.


We have so many connections with the Bloomington community that we just can’t share all of them. As “Community” is one of our core values, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t try to make an impact with local businesses, organizations, and families outside of the gym, too. We have donated hours of coaching to Big Brothers Big Sisters, Girl’s Inc., local PE programs, seminars at IU, and giveaways for free classes to local charities.