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QuickFit workouts are designed with easy-to-learn movements, and no pre-requisite training is required to get started.  Sign up today!

What to expect

  • Get in & get out. 45 minutes will get you flexible, strong, and improved cardio.
    Starting August 6th, QuickFit will get even quicker, 30 minute classes!
  • Never get bored. The workouts change every single day.
  • No Judgement. You’re never going to feel out of place at HAC.

Is this program right for you? We are experts in scaling and modifying to the needs of our participants who communicate their limitations.  However, if you currently feel pain when you move, have restricted range of motion with an inability to squat, lunge, press, or more, group classes may not be right for you. While private training seems expensive up front, your health is worth it.  Your not just getting a workout, you’re getting coaching from experts with nearly 10 years of experience. Submit the inquiry form below for more information and talk to us about your needs.

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