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Bloomington Indiana CrossFit

Thursday 6/21

CrossFit: aerobic capacity Every 2 min for 30 minutes (5 sets): 1.Run 2. Row 3. Bike Quickfit: AMRAP 12 min: 20 russian kettlebell swings 15...
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Wednesday 6/20

CrossFit: gymnastics/skills/asymmetry Skill: Rope Climb/ HShold/ V-ups skill Alternating EMOM x 18min (6 sets) 1. Rope Climb 2. Handstand Hold 3. V-up Longevity: Alternating EMOM...
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Tuesday 6/19

CrossFit: CF-Benchmark ‘Nancy’ 5 rounds for time of: 400- meter run 15 overhead squats Quickfit: AMRAP 4min: x3 sets 12/9 calories of assault bike 400...
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Monday 6/18

CrossFit: Team Workout AMRAP 20 minutes of: 5 pullups 10 wall-ball shots 15 american kettlebell swings *two person team, rotating every movement. Ex: P1 pullups....
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Saturday and Sunday 6/16 & 6/17

Saturday 6/16: 8-10a: Open Gym/Performance Training 10-11a: Week 2/Day 2 Endurance Course 11a-Noon: Free Members Only Team WOD 12:30-3p: SIOS Team Training Sunday 6/17: Rest...
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Friday 6/15

CrossFit: Team Triple 3 Teams of 2 split work however with only 1 partner working at a time For time: 3000m Row 300 Double Unders...
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Thursday 6/14

CrossFit: E2Min: A. Front Squat 3-3-3 reps B. Push Press 3-3-3 reps C. Thruster 3-3-3 reps *experienced athletes can go as heavy as possible. Newer...
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Wednesday 6/13

CrossFit: E3Minx30 min (10 sets): Assault Bike 600 meters *reduce the total number of rounds if pace falls drastically, but most will not need to...
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Tuesday 6/12

CrossFit: A. Handstand/Handstand Kickups/Handstand Walks B. Death by handstand walk 10′ increments Lvl 3: Walk 10′ increments Lvl 2: Wall/box hand releases, increments of 10...
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Saturday 6/9 & Sunday 6/10

Saturday June 9th: 8-10a: open gym/performance training 10-11a: Week 1/day 2 endurance course 11a-Noon: FREE members only team WOD. Sunday June 10th: Rest Day! Get...
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