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Friday 2/23

**Morning Classes ONLY CrossFit: Teams AMRAP 15 min: Run 200m 2 person teams P1 runs 200m, P2 rests P2 runs 200m, P1 rests Longevity: Every...
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Friday 11/17

Hoosier CrossFit ‘Jerry’ for time: Run 1 mile (1600m) Row 2k Run 1 mile (1600m) QuickFit Four rounds for time: 200m Run 7 Dumbbell Man-Makers...
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Monday 11/6

Hoosier CrossFit: In teams of three, AMRAP 20 min: 300 meter run 15 Burpees 30 Russian KB swings QuickFit: Every 5 minutes, for 15 minutes...
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Wednesday 11/1

Hoosier CrossFit: 8, 2 minute rounds of: 300m Run Max-rep dumbbell power clean and jerks One rest in between rounds QuickFit: 2 sets of max...
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Thursday 10/26

Hoosier CrossFit 3 Rounds for time of: -30 Pullups -400m Run QuickFit 3 Rounds for time of: -10 Dumbbell Push Presses -10 Burpee Box Step-overs

Friday 10/20

Hoosier CrossFit: 5 rounds for time of: 400m run 15 left-arm DB snatches 15 right-arm DB snatches QuickFit: Five rounds for time of: 10 Heavy...
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Friday 10/6

Hoosier CrossFit  4 rounds for time of: 25 GHD sit-ups 400 meter run *goals is sub 12 min. with 15 min time cap L3: GHD...
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CF: ‘Jerry’ For time: Run 1 mile (1600m) Row 2k Run 1 mile (1600m)   L3: 1 mile run/ 2k row L2: 1200m Run/ 1500m...
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CrossFit 8 rounds of: Run 400 meters Rest 90 Seconds Goal is consistency with no more than 3-5 second difference in times Level 3: 400...
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CrossFit  3 Rounds for time: 30 Russian Kettlebell Swings 60 Double-Unders Run 400 meters QuickFit 4 Rounds: Run 300m 15 Russian Kettlebell Swings