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Russian KB Swings

Tuesday, December 4

CrossFit 5 Rounds for Time: Run/Bike/Row and Russian Kettlebell Swings *pick your biggest weakness 400m Run/1200m Bike/500m row 25 Russian KB Swings

Monday, October 22

CrossFit A. KB swing mechanics B. Team WOD AMRAP 15 min: Run 400m (together) 50 Russian KB Swings (split work anyhow, 1 person works at...
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Wednesday 7/25

CrossFit: Clean- HSPU 2010′ 7 rounds for time of: 2 cleans 4 handstand push-ups Longevity: Alternating EMOM x 7 rounds (14 min) Odd: Medicine Ball...
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Thursday 6/7

CrossFit: In Teams of Three, AMPRAP 15 min: 6 Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatches (3 per side) 6 Burpee *Teams will cycle through full rounds one at...
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Thursday 5/24

Great positioning on the hollow and arch swings tonight! CrossFit: Gymnastics/Skills/Asymmetry A. “Tabata” Ring Support Holds and Ring Support Bottoms: 8×20 secs / 10 secs...
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Monday 5/14

CrossFit: A) 3 sets of: Goblet Squat x 10 reps rest 45 seconds Theraband Face Pulls x 15 reps rest 45 seconds Russian KB Swings...
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Tuesday 5/8

CrossFit: Teams of 2: AMRAP 20 min: *teams run together and split swings however needed Run 400m 50 Russian KB swings QuickFit: 3, 4 min...
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Thursday 5/3

CrossFit: 4 sets for quality: 30 sec of russian KB swings Rest 30 sec 30 sec of goblet squats Rest 30 sec 30 sec of...
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Thursday 2/15

CrossFit: Teams of 2, one person works at a time: 100 Russian KB Swings 40 Cal Bike 75 Barbell Thrusters 40 Cal Bike 50 Pull-ups...
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Tuesday 1/30

CrossFit: Teams of 2 alternate movements to complete AMRAP 20 min: 3 Strict handstand push-ups 6 Pull-ups 9 Toes-bar 12 Russian KB Swings 15 Calorie...
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