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Have you signed up for The Romp at Riddle Point? The Romp at Riddle Point is the Boys and Girls Clubs of Bloomington’s first annual obstacle course race fundraiser, co-hosted by Indiana University Outdoor Adventures and Hoosier CrossFit. Participants will race through three miles at Riddle Point of Lake Lemon, encountering 12 obstacles featuring water and mud. The Romp challenges our racers, and supports our local youth. Sign up for team HCF here

Getting pumped up for the weekend!

Continuously running clock:
P1. 3 rounds for time:
5 back squats from rack (155,255#) *scale to ~ 70-80% of 1rm.
250m. Row
-Rest 3 min after P1.
P2. 3 rounds for time:
5 strict pullups *least assistance possible
200m. Run