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Killin’ the WOD & Competitor WOD!

Words from Lisbeth
Stand up and deliver. In your work, in your workout, in your personal relationships. Be present and contribute in a meaningful way, or hopefully in a way that makes people say,“Holy hell, I’m glad she’s in my life!” (Or he, you know the grammar drill here.) And, if you’re lucky enough to have been blessed with a gift in this life — some skill that can help hundreds or thousands of people in this world — well, then I want you to deliver even more. It might not be fair, but you were given a gift. Now it’s your turn to give back.

P1. Handstand skill work: p1-3a.
P2. AMRAP 12 min:
12 box jumps (20,24”)
6 thrusters (65,95#) *scale as needed to get sets done close to unbroken
3 bar facing/lateral burpees