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Wednesday, October 3


Wednesday, October 3

Tony and Caitlin complete part two parts of tonight’s Strongman Class. We run Specialty Courses throughout the year, the next being a 4-week Olympic Lifting Cycle

Teams of 3
AMRAP 16 min:
300m row
(rest station)
20 DB hang squat cleans
(rest station)
10 Strict Pull-ups
(rest station)

Skill: medball hang clean
WOD: AMRAP 12 min:
Row 200m
15 medball hang squat cleans
8 ring rows

AMRAP 10 min:
2 burpee, 2 alt. DB snatch
4 burpee, 4 alt. DB snatch
6 burpee, 6 alt DB snatch…

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