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QuickFit is a 30-minute version of CrossFit classes; the workout is the same, but any movement that is technical is replaced with a similar movement, easier to learn. You will get stronger, develop improved body awareness, & prepare you for learning the higher technical skills in Hoosier CrossFit On Ramp & classes.

Hoosier CrossFit is 1-hour all-inclusive strength and conditioning program. Deriving from sport culture, a committed attendance of 3x/week will ensure you become the fittest version of yourself. Every 12-weeks there’s a 2-week testing period to set new goals, meet new records, & stay motivated from season to season. 

Group Class. Private Training. Personal Workout plans.

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We’re a small staff with a membership base that is highly focused on getting results. It doesn’t matter how fit you are or if you have experience, what matters is if you’re willing to commit the time and put in the work.  We’ll program the workouts, teach you safe form, & encourage you to reach your potential. 

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