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We want to get to know your goals and show you the gym!

QuickFit workouts are the same workouts as CrossFit classes, but we replace technical skills so you don’t need pre-requisite training like you would in CrossFit.  Book 1 class at a time, or sign up for monthly packages, anytime.

What to expect

  • Get in & get out. 30 minutes will get you flexible, strong, and improved cardio.
  • All levels welcome. Workouts offer 3 levels to customize your workout.
  • Never get bored. The workouts change every single day.
  • No Judgement. supportive classmates and expert coaches make you feel welcome!
  • When you attend QuickFit for at least 1 month 3x/week, you will receive $50 off On Ramp.

Save $50 On Ramp!

You may have heard that, in CrossFit, we climb ropes, do handstands, lift heavy and get really intense.  We specialize in helping average people do above average feats. But no one does these things on the first day. In fact, every program is founded on the culture of mechanics, consistency, then intensity.  That means nobody will challenge themselves with heavier loads, increased technical difficulty, or more intensity unless your technique has met our standards for quality and have proven your fitness level.

We designed QuickFit as a version of CrossFit that focuses on building a foundation of strength, improving your cardio, and teaching you how to squat, lift, & press with kettlebells and dumbbells,  kettlebell swing, row, etc. If you choose to move into Hoosier CrossFit classes someday, QuickFit makes the transition that much easier because the foundational movements have been mastered, and you’re ready to learn a higher level of technical difficulty.

When you Join QuickFit and attend 3x/week for at least 1 month, you are eligible to get $50 off On Ramp.

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Current Schedule:

Whats a typical class like?


Membership Details:


  • Go to Mindbody
  • Choose the first class time you would like to attend
  • When you choose your first class, choose the pricing package of your choice.

When you use the link in “book a class” it will take you to see the schedule for all classes.

  • The schedule changes seasonally; classes with 3 or less during holiday weeks, summertime and low attendance may be canceled or combined with CrossFit classes that are 1-hour long. Sign into classes at least 12 hours prior to attending.
    1. full-body dynamic warm-up
    2. Skill training to learn the movements in your workout
    3. A workout that’s different day to day, week to week that will improve your strength,
      cardio, and flexibility. Below are just two of thousands of examples of our workouts.

    Example of a Strength workout:
    Part A: On the minute for 9 minutes:
    5 kettlebell squats (the coach will help you choose the weight)
    Plank hold :30-:45
    10 KB Lifts (increase to moderately heavy weight)

    Part B.
    Alternating Tabata situps
    The point of part A is biased to increase leg and core strength. You will experience muscle fatigue, different then the way you feel exhausted after a longer conditioning workout. After a break, Part B. continues to build on core strength to finish up class.

    Example of a conditioning workout:

    21 calories on the stationary bike
    21 ring rows
    21 burpees
    then 15 of each, then 9 of each. You’r finished!
    We believe less is more. This 10-15 minute workout, performed as fast as you can with deliberate pacing of your strengths and weaknesses, will give you results. It’s going to be hard, but no one leaves class until everyone has finished & gives each other a high five. 

    This program has NO prerequisites before joining. However, if you feel pain when you move, have movement restrictions, or in a position that makes it difficult to keep with a group environment, contact us about private training.

    • 1 class is $10, 2x/week monthly rate is $89, 3x/week monthly rate is $99, 4x/week monthly rate is $109, and 5x/week is $119
    • a 2-3x/week monthly membership can begin at anytime, and will auto-renew monthly; contact us to get started.
    • To ensure a spot in class, you must sign up in advance.
    • If a class has less than 3 enrolled, it may be canceled up to 2 hours in advance by the coach. Unlikely during high seasons, but possible around holidays.
  • Class times may be changed or combined with other programs during low-attendance periods, such as spring break and holiday weeks.
    Starting something new is *always* going to be hard. What bonds our members is that they took that leap. You’ll realize your coaches and classmates got your back.

    Are you at plateau with your training? It’s because you’re repeating a program that doesn’t work, eventually. Our training emphasizes not only longer conditioning workouts, but pushing harder for shorter durations is proven effective.

    QuickFit was designed as a scaled down version of CrossFit Classes, offering 2x & 3x/week membership packages.  If you’re interested in increasing your intensity or coming everyday, talk to us about joining Hoosier CrossFit classes.