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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

A. E2 min x 12 min: push press B. 3 sets:8 strict DB press each arm8 DB bicep curl each arm

Thursday, September 27

CrossFit Skill: Pullup/CTB/Bar Muscle-Up A. hollow arch swing: beat swing B. Kipping swing w/blocking C. Kipping Pullup RX blocking or in band D. Dipping CTB...
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Friday 7/26

CrossFit: The Beach 2014′ *sub rowing for swimming; 50 kettlebell thrusters (35/26lb.) 30 burpees Swim 500 yards/ Row 2,000m 30 burpees 50 kettlebell thrusters (35/26lb.)...
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Tuesday 5/15

The 5:45pm class giving it their all on the assault bike tonight!   CrossFit: 30 min EMOM (6 sets of): Min 1: Assault Bike Calories...
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Friday 1/19

CrossFit: In teams of 3, complete 3 rounds each of: Row 500m 30 Thrusters 20 burpees On the count of go, all 3 teammates begin...
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