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Longevity For 50+

What is Longevity?

Our program focuses on functional movements and workouts relevant to building confidence in your daily life, designed specifically for participants over 50 years of age. 

  • Do you notice needing more assistance when you stand up?
  • Are you concerned about having the strength to get up from the floor?
  • Has your balance progressively become unstable?

After signing up, an expert coach will meet with your for six one-on-one private training sessions to develop proper movement mechanics, improve flexibility, and provide confidence upon entering the group Longevity class.

What are Functional Movements?
  • A squat is sitting down on a chair and standing up
  • A deadlift is picking up groceries from the floor
  • A burpee is being on the ground and getting back to your feet
  • A press is putting clothes away on a shelf over head

Longevity is designed to improve your movements on tasks you already do in life.  You will gain core strength, develop body awareness, and move better to help prevent injuries associated with aging.

Current Schedule:

Whats a typical class like?


Membership Details:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10am.

Contact us if you would like to see additional times! A class time can be added if we have at least 4 enrolled.

  1. A dynamic warm-up helps ready the body for physical activity
  2. Flexibility and mobility will improve range of motion for improved joint & muscular health.
  3. Before every workout, you’ll properly learn movements with skill work.
  4. The workout is different every day and will build your full-body strength and endurance.

Step 1: A free consultation and movement screening is required.
Step 2: 6 private training sessions are required before joining the group class.
Step 3: You’re ready to join class.

  • When you sign up for Longevity, you are committing for 3 months for $139 a month
  • When your membership expires, an automatic renewal for 3 months will take place
  • Classes are capped
Group Class. Private Training. Personal Workout plans.

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We’re a small staff with a membership base that is highly focused on getting results. It doesn’t matter how fit you are or if you have experience, what matters is if you’re willing to commit the time and put in the work.  We’ll program the workouts, teach you safe form, & encourage you to reach your potential.