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Membership details & policies


Since 2010, we’ve grown exponentially and have been honored with local and national awards because of our dedication to preserving our values: community, quality, accountability, diligence, and integrity. It isn’t age or ability that sets us apart; if you aren’t a team player, don’t really like to listen to a coach or follow protocols, are easy to give up and spread negativity, and have a tendency to lie or cheat about your accomplishments, then you aren’t going to fit in.  When you walk in our doors, you’re a part of a team.


CrossFit Classes

On Ramp is Required before CrossFit

On Ramp is required for all new members who have never done CrossFit to learn skills, establish benchmarks, and adopt leadership from an expert CrossFit coach. If you have prior CrossFit training, see the Test Out drop down.

Group On Ramp
a. Capped to 10 people
b. Non-refundable
c. If less than 4 people are enrolled, On Ramp is shortened to 2 weeks. The price is the same.
d. If you skip up to 3 classes, you may be asked to make up missed skills in a private training appointment. Fees are incurred.

Fast Track Private On Ramp
a. 6 sessions are required.
b. If a session is skipped or canceled within 24 hours, private training fees will be incurred.

WE WANT TO HELP YOU. If you struggle to make it to classes, contact us for a complimentary appointment with a coach to collaborate a plan.

If you do not complete On Ramp, you are not eligible to attend CrossFit classes until private training sessions make up missed skills or benchmarks.

Promptly attend CrossFit classes after the completion of On Ramp. On Ramp teaches you skills that keep you safe, and workouts have prepared your mind and body for CrossFit. Inconsistency or absences can lead to injury and a plateau of progress.

If you have good attendance, you will be sent an email the last week of On Ramp to begin signing into CrossFit classes.

CrossFit Classes Memberships

A 3x/week, 4x/week, or 5x/week monthly membership renews on the 1st of every month with a credit/debit auto-payment found in your Mindbody account that we provide for you.

Memberships are designed to attend 3-5 CrossFit classes a week, once a day.

For Test Out or On Ramp client, when On Ramp is complete mid-month, and on the Day of the Test out’s choice, you will be charged a pro-rate that will charge the remaining days in the current month, then the auto-pay for full membership is due on the 1st of the following month.

1. Purchase is only available January, May, and September. If you are a new member to begin on August 15th, you will purchase a pro-rate for 2 weeks, plus the semester package membership that starts September 1.
2. Automatically renews every 4 months on the 1st thereafter (on January, May and September 1st).
3. No partial deal, pro-rates, nor refunds. It is a semester package good from Sept. 1-Dec. 31.
a. If you join September 20th, you are not pro-rated or reimbursed for unused days in September.
b. If you are leaving on December 15th, you are not reinbursed for unused classes through the 31st).

Signing into a CrossFit Class

We use Wellness Living software to manage memberships, class sign in, events, retail, etc.

Classes are available to sign in up to 1 month in advance.

Signing up in advance is not a requirement. If you have a variable schedule that is often unpredictable, you can sign up for class up to the minute class begins. However, if a class is full, you cannot attend it.

If you are accepted from the waitlist and don’t notice, or if you skip a class, or cancel within 2 hours of classes after 9pm, or cancel after 10pm the night before a 9am class, there is an automatic $10 fee for skipping.

Skipping class and late cancellations

Accountability is one of our core values. When you commit to what you said you were going to do, it improves community morale and you get the results you want.

If you skip a class, $10 will be automatically charged to your account with the credit/debit on file.

For classes after 9am, if you cancel within 2 hour of class, $10 will be automatically charged to your account with the credit/debit on file.

For classes before 9am, if you cancel after 10pm the night before, $10 will be automatically charged to your account with the credit/debit on file.

Waitlisting a class

Accountability is one of our values; sign up for classes for next week to ensure you get a spot in class. When using the waitlist, you are not guaranteed a spot in class.

a. You will be sent a confirmation email at least 2 hours before the start of class.

b. If you do not receive an email, you did NOT get into class.

c. Do not sign up for more than one waitlist
(or more than one class) in one day. It creates a false sense of demand.

If classes continue to be full with waitlists, new class times may be added to the schedule. contact us with your request for a new class time.

Test Out

If you took CrossFit foundations at another gym, you can test out of our On Ramp program. If you have less than 3 months experience, we urge you to enroll in our 1-month On Ramp program.

1. Contact us to set up a 30 minute appointment to test you out of On Ramp.
2. You will not be tested on your level of fitness; you will be tested on your competency to perform the barbell and kipping (with or without bands) skill.
3. You may be asked to schedule a private training appointment if skills need to be developed.
3. The test out is a $50 deposit. This will be credited towards future services.
4. If you test out, you can join CrossFit classes.

Membership Cancellation

You must submit a cancellation form at the bottom of this page at least 1 week before the 1st of the next autopayment.

Cancellations made after the 1st, once memberships are renewed, no refunds.

CrossFit Culture

You are joining a class that resembles the vibe and values of a sports team. You will have a coach, who is an expert at leading all abilities through CrossFit workouts. This will set you up for success.

a. Show up 5-10 minutes early to be ready for your coach. Break the ice and say “hi” to someone you haven’t met.

b. We are highly skilled to help average people do extra-ordinary things. Here’s how:

Show respect to your coach by not talking while they are talking. Trust the coaches; they will make sure you get results from every workout.

Show respect to your classmates by supporting their challenges and victories until the last person is done with the workout. Class is not over until the coach releases class.

Gossip is something negative told to someone who cannot solve the problem. If you have a problem with your experience, a coach, or a classmate, see a staff member. We do not support gossip. We do not support cliques that leave people out.

c. communicate your situation if you have been sick, inconsistent with attendance or feeling pain when you move. We will suggest you to scale down or create alternate movements to give you the best workout possible.


QuickFit membership

You can begin a membership on any day.

Sign In to Class

We like to meet new members before joining, but it’s not a requirement. To get started in a class, contact us to schedule a free tour, or, use the schedule page on the website; it will take you to Mindbody online where you can sign up for a class.

Classes are capped to 20. If you do not sign in, and show up to a full class, you are not eligible to attend.

Schedule Changes

On any given day, If a class has less than 3 people enrolled 6-24 hours before class, it is subject to cancellation.

Expect schedule changes during spring break, fall break, summer break, and winter break. On rare occasions, CrossFit and QuickFit classes may be combined.

QuickFit Membership Cancellation

You must submit a cancellation form found at the bottom of this page at least 1 week before the 1st of the next auto-payment.

Cancellations made after the 1st, once memberships are renewed, no refunds.


Longevity Membership

A 3x/week monthly membership renews on the 1st of every month via credit/debit with the card on file via Mindbody.

Our goal is to help you get the results you want, and that’s not going to happen in just a few weeks. New Longevity members commit to 3 months, and will continue to renew month-to-month each month therefter.

Class Schedule

You do not need to sign into this class because it meets at 10am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Class Cancellations

Skipped classes are not credited or reimbursed.

Overcoming hardships is easier when you have a supportive team of people helping you through it. If you are struggling with sickness, injury, or time management contact Hoosier Athletic Club to schedule an appointment with a coach to discuss your needs.

Schedule Changes

Expect schedule changes during spring break, fall break, summer break, and winter break. On On rare occasions, CrossFit, QuickFit, and Longevity classes may be combined during holiday weeks or particularly low periods of attendance.


Open Gym

We created open gym because we’re here during the day even when classes aren’t going on. Open gym is best used for accessory work or recovery, things that benefit and improve daily CrossFit classes workouts that will not hinder your day-to-day progress.

We have strict rules about Open Gym. Not adhering to our policies will result in denying you access:

1. Sign into open gym in your Wellness Living account. It’s free, and we want to know who’s coming in.
2. We cancel it anytime we want for any reason without notice. It’s not a right or a part of your membership.
3. If you’re holding us accountable to getting you results, then show up to CrossFit classes and do CrossFit classes workouts. We will not let you skip group class regularly in favor of open gym.
4. Open gym is ONLY scheduled in the middle of the day. You can NEVER do open gym while classes are in session.
5. Clean dirty equipment, and put all equipment away. The penalty burpees are harsh, so don’t make us clean up after you.
6. At the core, we are a CrossFit gym; avoid training at high intensity with movements unfamiliar to you, avoid doing a higher level knowing the coach would want you to do a lower level scaling, and adhere to CrossFit methodology and movement standards. Integrity is key to maintain our fun, respectful community environment. It’s best that you do not do a full-blown workout during open gym if you have not been a member for at least 3 months.

open gym FAQ

No. You must attend a CrossFit class after 4pm. No exceptions.

They’re not. Any client who has personalized workout plans with Coach Shaun, is a part of an 8-week focus course, and all of the sports performance members will have homework assigned by their Coach. They are eligible to use the gym anytime we are open to complete it.

No. We love that you want to practice. There’s a difference between using a small amount of space & focusing on technique, versus doing a full-blown workout. As long as you’re out of the way of classes, you’re welcome to practice skills.

No. You’re paying for our services. Trust us and get results. So, do the hard thing and go to class.

No. Kids have a designated area (see above) to ensure their safety, and the safety of others.

Have more questions? contact us.

Children and Visitors

We support the fact you’re getting a workout in, even if you have to bring the kids. You are required to ensure your children are safe and maintaining a respectful environment for all guests. It is absolutely necessary for children to be independent and capable of following our policies:

Designated areas for children and visitors include the north wall by the chairs, or in the spare room in the hall when not in use by the staff. Parents are required to clean any food, toys, crayon scraps, etc. including vacuuming, if necessary. We use this office for professional purposes daily and would like it to be clean when you leave.

Children may not run or use outdoor voices anywhere inside the gym, hallways, or bathrooms. Horseplay, running, distracting ongoing classes, & disrespecting offices/bathrooms/water fountain is not acceptable.

Children may not play on equipment unless authorized by a staff member when there are no classes or training sessions.

You've been sick, inconsistent, or injured

Did you travel? Too busy to come to classes? maybe just a little lazy? If your average is 0-2 days a week, or 5 days this week and 1 day last week, this could put you on track to get injured if you’re not staying active regularly, yet still pushing your limits and maxing out. If you’re inconsistent, we don’t want you to push your limits, we want you to walk away from the workout saying ‘that felt good’ so you’re ready for the next one. Always scale to our level 1 until you’re back on track with a 3-5 day a week schedule.

Being sick is an energy sucker. You’re not going to feel strong or fast. Always scale to our level 1 for at least 1-2 weeks until you feel recovered.

Don’t get carried away at this thought; many injuries happen outside of the gym! But we’re here to help you get through it, no matter what. If you sprain an ankle, you don’t have to quit life, But you’ve gotta be humble. You have heart and a few good limbs, we can help you scale appropriately and find modifications.

Your attitude supports our team environment

Hey there. We know that every day isn’t going to be the best day of your life, but we’re a team. Showing up should be one of the best parts of your day, and seeing everyone should pull you out of that funk.

But, regardless, we expect you to say hi to people in the welcome/mobility area before class, be with the coach and class & listen to instruction, and cheer on fellow classmates during their workout. If you ostracize yourself, we’re just going to pull you back in.

Class Cancellations and Gym Closings

We know you have a routine, but Bloomington is a transient, seasonal town.

If less than 4 members are enrolled in a single class, it may be cancelled up to 2 hours prior (by 10pm the night before for AM classes); enrolled clients will be notified via text and email.

Expect classes to be taken off the schedule during holidays, breaks, special events & competitions we host.

Contract Changes

CrossFit Classes, QuickFit, and Longevity classes submit your change or cancellation at least 1 week prior to the next auto-payment here.