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Members perform over-head-squats after running.


AMRAP 20 minutes of:

Run 400 Meters

Max rep overhead squats * goal is 5-10 rep range each round

Level 3: 400m Run (sub 8 min mile)

Level 2: 300m Run (8-10 min mile)

Level 1: 200m Run ( 10+ min mile)

*scale as needed to bike x 3

Level 3: OHS x body weight or ~65-70%1rm

Level 2: OHS x 75% bw or ~55-60% 1rm

Level 1: OHS x 50% bw or ~30-40% 1rm

*scale accordingly with rack and back squats



AMRAP 20 min:

Bike 0.6-1.2km

Squat x 10 reps ( use ball/box or add weight accordingly)


EMOM x 16min:

1st minute- 10-15 Plate Hops

2nd minute- 10-15 Plate Ground To Overhead

3rd minute- 45s Overhead Plate Hold

4th minute- 5-10 Burpees

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