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Are you hitting the gym consistently but wish there were more results to show? 
Have you been derailed from life’s stresses and trying to find a way to get on track?

Nutrition is key to getting the toned body and increased performance results.  We have partnered with M2Nutrition to help you get there.

Economical for the self motivated & familiar to macros

  • Onboarding Questionnaire to Assist Us with a Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Personalized Caloric & Macro Nutritional Daily Goals
  • Health & Performance Based Supplement Recommendations
  • Provided Recommendations Around Pre & Post Workout Best Practices
  • Self Monitoring of Daily Macronutrient Intake Once Provided with Personal Plan

    Note: This plan is great for self-motivated individuals already familiar with tracking macronutrients.

Self motivated + 3 adjustments over 1 year

  • Onboarding Questionnaire to Assist Us with a Personalized Nutrition Plan 
  • Personalized Caloric & Macro Nutritional Daily Goals 
  • Health & Performance Based Supplement Recommendations 
  • Specific Recommendations Around Pre & Post Workout Best Practices 
  • 3 Caloric & Macronutrient Adjustments Over 12 mo. Period to Ensure Year Round Optimal Nutrition for Changing Goals and Training Conditions

    Note: If you’re going to choose the route without a one-on-one coach, we suggest this one.  You’ll want the opportunity to speak with a coach a few months down the road to evaluate your progress inculding performance, body composition, etc.  Making adjustments periodically is essential for optimal long term results.  Like Option 1, this is for self-motivated & disciplined individuals already familiar with tracking macronutrients.

An expert coach follows your daily progress

  • Onboarding Questionnaire to Assist Us with a Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Personalized Caloric & Macro Nutritional Daily Goals
  • Health & Performance Based Supplement Recommendations
  • Specific Recommendations Around Pre & Post Workout Best Practices
  • Dedicated Coach to Follow Weekly Progress, Provide Feedback About What You’re Eating, When You’re Eating
  • Three Check-Ins per week
  • Results Based Changes to Ensure Your Personalized Nutrition Plan Aligns with Your Goals & Training

About M2 and Owner Mike Molloy

We’ve worked with everyone from weekend warriors to Crossfit Games Champions, ages 16 to 60+ years old, and from all different walks of life. If you want to perform your best, its time to take ownership of your nutrition. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build a healthier body or compete at the highest level, you have to match your intake to your exercise out put for long term success.

Mike Molloy, PhD
• PhD in Microbiology & Immunology
• 9+ years Nutritional & Physical Training Coach
• Coach to more than 40 CrossFit Regional and Games athletes

Which package is best for me?

The 1-on-1 coaching is best if you’re brand new at counting macros or having trouble holding yourself accountable for more than a 5-day workweek. It will be the most expensive option, but your coach will text you at least 3 days a week, still available for questions any reasonable hour via text. Getting your customized macronutrients won’t matter if you can’t hold yourself accountable, and that’s where a coach comes in.

If this package is too expensive for you, the next best option is to get the option 2. You won’t get the one on one help to figure out what’s going on, but there’s a lot of people in the gym to help you with tips. This option allows you to contact Mike and get new macros if you decided to increase/decrease training volume or change your weight loss/toning goals.

If you’re trying to use a friends macro template, their goals, training, and body measurements are different from yours, and you wont get the results you want from sharing. All packages with M2 is customized for each client.

I can do a free google search or share numbers with a friend...?

When you sign up with M2Performance, they aren’t giving you a cookie cutter template. Owner, Mike Molloy, will help deliver a customized macronutrient assignment to help you get the best nutrition for option1 and option 2.


In a nutshell, Macros are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Protein is meat, carbs are fruit/veggies, and fats come from meat/nuts/seeds/oils/avocado, etc. Every food you eat contributes to one of these categories including ice cream and potato chips.

The cleaner you eat, the easier it is to track and meet your goals because simple foods like fruit are only carbs and very little, if at all, of the other two macronutrients. If you eat something from a box with a lot of ingredients, chances are it will have a lot of grams in each macronutrient. Especially around dinner, when you have little to work with, boxed meals aren’t favorable, and fresh meals with simple ingredients will help you better hit your target.

It’s normal to not hit your macros the first few weeks; you’re getting familiar with how to count, and how much is actually in each ingredient.

We wanted to also make note that counting macros is not your normal counting calorie diet. It does NOT mean you’ll eat like a bird, go hungry, and not get to every enjoy your favorite foods.

In reality, counting your macronutrients can be liberating. Most likely, you’re not eating enough food, and you’ll need more to fill your belly. You can eat the food you like, and in moderation. But this time, moderation actually means something, and is measurable data of how much you can eat.

Do I need My Fitness Pal to track what I eat?

We suggest yes, and to upgrade to premium so you can enter you specific daily macros. You can set it up so you your home page lists how much you have left for the day, instead of doing the math to figure it out.

If you choose the option 3, you’ll make your profile public so your coach can go to your page; you’ll never have to go out of your way to email, text, or post your macros.

For more details, submit an inquiry with M2 today!