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Our Story

All the signs point to “make this short and sweet.”  But we don’t know an entrepreneur that doesn’t have a great story to tell.  From shoes to groceries to fitness, small business owners sacrifice their livelihood because of a passion inside them to provide for the local community.  Our story doesn’t start with a quarter million dollar buy-in to a franchise.  It doesn’t start with unlimited marketing resources, experts in building a business plan, nor an established reputation to build memberships.  Back in the day, CrossFit gyms were boxes. Literally. Most of us had full-time jobs, excited to share CrossFit with the community, and only had means to get started in what used to be a garage or storage warehouse because they were affordable and aligned with the idea that you come in and get tough stuff done, then leave feeling empowered. You were dirty, and you were a badass.


CrossFit on the River

In 2007, Shaun was introduced to CrossFit by a personal trainer at a local 24-hour gym in Lawrenceburg, a small town outside of Cincinnati. CrossFit was a program that you didn’t want to keep to yourself because of the variety and intensity. was the only resource for programming, methodology, and movement instruction, and he absorbed all there was to offer to ensure he followed the program safely, as well as learn how to help teach others.  

In January of 2009, Jenna had just graduated at Indiana University with a Bachelors of Science in Education and began joining Shaun at the 24-hour gym.  When summer came around, they invited friends and co-workers to park workouts. It was so successful they opened CrossFit on the River in September 2009.  After a year of working regular jobs full time, plus coaching before and after work, it was on their hearts to move to Bloomington, Shaun’s hometown, and commit to CrossFit full time.  The move was bittersweet; if you knew the kind of bond you have in a CrossFit gym, you would know how hard it was to say goodbye to our CFOTR family.

Hoosier CrossFit

That summer, Shaun and Jenna thought up a name, drew up a logo, and made preparations to get Hoosier CrossFit into the Bloomington Community. From June through September, they were running classes in Lawrenceburg, working full-time jobs, drove to Bryan Park in Bloomington, a four-hour round trip, and provided free workouts 1-2 days a week.

After 5 months at the park, 418 College Ave. would be Hoosier CrossFit’s 1st location. It was a an 1800 square foot box that was started with a small business loan from IU Credit union. Much of our equipment was handmade, used, and found from online sales.  Winter mornings were spent huddling under the one heat source. Summers were spent with the hopes there was a cross breeze through the garage doors. You couldn’t complain about needing personal space because it didn’t exist to offer any.  

418 Location

 The very first On Ramp started with 4 members.  Over the next two years, nearly every weekend was full with team workouts, fun holiday workouts, park picnics, charity events, and Bring a Friends.  On Ramps were sold out, and memberships grew to over 150.  A culture began to develop, and our core values were stronger than ever. 

But, with risk for redevelopment at 418 and the desire to grow events and programs, the search was on for a new location. Weekends were spent online and driving up and down the alleys of Bloomington. But then, the 501 Rogers location become available. It was perfect, and it was a dream from 2012-2017.

501 Location


  With 5700 Square feet, the extra space provided the opportunity to create new programs such as QuickFit, events to comfortably host seminars, and competitions that will have brought in hundreds of athletes from the midwest..  From opening the doors in 2010, there’s a lot of pride the achievements from our local community, CrossFit community, and national community.  Check out all that has been accomplished up to this point:

  • Awarded Small Business of Year in 2013 by the Chamber of Commerce
  • Honoree of the U.S Senate Committee of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Best vehicle in the 4th of July Parade
  • Top 30 CrossFit Games teams in the Central East Region
  • 1st place winner of the 2k relay at the Indianapolis Indoor Rowing championships
  • Increased programming including a Sports performance class for higher level athletes, QuickFit (strength and conditioning with no barbells),  Longevity for 50+, specialty workshops, and personalized workout programming.
  • Sponsored the HCF “Active Rest Day” intramural softball team for 8 seasons
  • Started CrossFit Competitions open to athletes from the midwest: “Rookie Rumble” for beginner athletes, “Master’s Invitational” for ages 35+ only, and the “Winter Rendezvous” a partner competition that welcomes high level and regionals athletes.

In-House Events

You’ll hear from our members that Hoosier CrossFit is more than just a gym. As a small staff of three, you can see how much hard work, passion, and dedication we put into our fitness, our members, and our community.

Oaken Bucket Challenge

Back in 2013, CrossFit West Lafayette and Hoosier CrossFit came together to do our own twist on the Oaken Bucket Football rivalry between IU and Purdue. Each year, we travel back and forth between our gyms. How it works? CrossFitters are invited to participate in an RX and scaled division. Tope 6 athletes in each workout accumulate points for the “team” and the team with the most points in the end Wins the Oaken Bucket.

The CrossFit Open

To earn a spot at the CrossFit games, there is a CrossFit Open, kind of like sectionals in high school sports. The difference is that EVERYONE WORLD WIDE can participate. CrossFit Headquarters releases a workout on Thursday night for 5 weeks starting last week of February. Scores are submitted online by Monday.

Did you know 100 of our Hoosier CrossFitters participate each year? We choose 8 members to be team captains. Teams accumulate points for participation, spirit, and scaled/rx placing. In the end, we deliver fun prizes and honorable mentions after a fun 5 weeks.

Holiday Workouts

Instead of closing down, we often host competitions to celebrate the holiday spirit. You don’t want to miss the tacky-sweater Christmas WOD or a 4th of July Memorial WOD.


CrossFit is a sport. We introduce power lifting, weightlifting, strongman, gymnastics, plyometrics, endurance and more to your everyday workouts. While we provide the utmost quality and respect for educating you within these areas, there’s always room for continuing education, especially from the best. Olympian gymnast Dave Durante, Level 5 USAW coach Glen Pendlay, and more have come to Bloomington to share their expertise.


CrossFit competitions test an athlete’s all-around fitness within 10 physical skills: cardio, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, coordination, balance, and accuracy.  Competitions invite athletes of all ages and abilities from the midwest and beyond.  Hoosier CrossFit is well known for hosting competitions with knowledgeable volunteers, quality programming, and punctuality from start to finish.

Master's Invitational for ages 35+

We designed this competition in 2013. 100 athletes from around the region participate with others in their similar age group: 35-39, 40-49, 50-59, and 60+.

Rookie Rumble

This competition was designed to help those who are an athlete at heart, but still developing higher level skills. over 100 Athletes from the midwest region sign up to be a part of a Male or Female individual, Female/Female Team or Male/Male team.

Winter Rendezvous

This event is designed for elite athletes; workouts are designed with RX loads, higher level skills, and it’s likely you will compete against regionals and games athletes.

Charitable Events

Workout competitions and events have been organized over the years to help provide to the local needs of Monroe County. Habitat for Humanity, the Olcott center for cancer, Hoosier Hills Food Bank, the American Red Cross, and Wish for Our heroes are just to name a few.

Fit for Our Fallen

“Fit for Our Fallen,” a tough workout to honor our veterans and donate to local families of service members in need through Wish for our Heroes and the American Red Cross. This workout is scheduled annual in May.

Sweating for Equity

 “Sweating for Equity” an event supporting Habitat for Humanity with a 10-person team workout that used building supplies instead of traditional gym equipment.

Burpee Mile for Hoosier Hills Food bank

 The Hoosier Hills Food bank was accepting non-perishables in exchange for burpee broad jumps. The HCF staff live streamed their experience and finished in record time!

Other Contributions

“Grace” for Mammograms in Action. For years, we have either hosted “Grace” or participated in “Grace” at other gyms. We’ve visited CrossFit Fishers and CrossFit Naptown in support of Mammograms in Action’s Barbells for Boobs Event in October.

“Strength in our streets” for Wheeler Missions. CrossFit Naptown in Indianapolis hosts 30 ten-person teams to help raise money for Wheeler Missions. Hoosier CrossFit has participated for the past 2 years.

“Warriors Hope” at IXF CrossFit in Greenwood for Warriors Hope veterans. This individual and partner workout is a 2-day event with 3 workouts.

Hoosier Athletic Club

This video was created to announce the Hoosier Athletic Club as the new home of Hoosier CrossFit. 

Once more, the 501 property was at risk for redevelopment. Over 2 years period of time, Shaun and Jenna used spare time on the internet and weekends driving all over Bloomington to find a forever home for Hoosier CrossFit.   The search to purchase property was on and the order was tall:

  • 15′ ceilings because we climb ropes and hang from rings
  • Lots of parking parking because you need to store your car
  • Downtown because we didn’t want to lose our central location
  • No neighbors because we have loud music and foul mouths
  • Affordable because we are average, hard-working people

Do you know what prayer can do for you? Create miracles.  A location was found that checked all of the boxes, and the Hoosier Athletic Club would be the new home of Hoosier CrossFit.  

While we believe the CrossFit methodology is the most efficient, effective program to develop strength and endurance, CrossFit in it’s natural state isn’t for everyone.  The Hoosier Athletic Club offers diverse workout programs to help all levels and abilities find the right program, and leave empowered because of the expert coaching and supportive community.