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Personal Workout Plan


 Get personalized workouts specifically created to meet your personal goals. With member and non-member pricing, packages are designed to be an accessory to CrossFit classes or can be designed as an all-inclusive fitness program for non-members. 


Are you Injured?

Training for an endurance sport?

Want to get stronger?


When you’re in a cast or have a sprained ankle, you lose all hope that you can be active and injured at the same time. This simply isn’t true. With the right programming and the right coach, you’ll at least maintain, or better yet, improve your current level of fitness. Your other option is the couch and ice cream for the next few months. How does starting back at square one sound to you?

Practicing for an endurance sport can be hard on your body, and injuries are quick to follow with excessive volume mixed with poor mechanics. We believe that lower volume, more intensity, and full-body accessory work will improve your overall performance and recovery when training. If you’re training for your first 5k, half marathon, triathlon, Little 500 race or other sporting event, we’re experts in providing you with a training plan to get you to the finish line. Contact us with enough time to set up a 3-6 month training program.

One of the most commonly requested personal workout plans is building strength, such as your shoulder press, squat, or lift. With our help, you’ll get results more efficiently and effectively. Be patient when it comes to strength, and commit to a 12-week cycle.

If you have an active membership:
2x: $49
3x: $59
4x: $69
5x: $79

If you DO NOT have an active membership:
2x: $139
3x: $149
4x: $159
5x: $169


  • Packages are charged at the time services begin and will automatically renew 1 month from that date
  • Package cancellation must be made at least 1 week before the auto-renewal