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Hoosier CrossFit

Pre-requisite On Ramp
Group $199
Private Training $79/session for 6 sessions

Class Schedule

Hoosier CrossFit classes
3x/week monthly membership $139
4x/week monthly membership $149
5x/week monthly membership $159
Student Semester Unlimited $436: *auto-renews January 1, May 1, & September 1st.


Drop in 1 class at a time $10
2x/week monthly membership $79
3x/week monthly membership $99

Class Schedule


6 private training sessions for $79/session

Longevity Classes
3x/week monthly membership $139

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Private Training

1 session $79
2x/week for 4 weeks $599 (save 5%)
3x/week for 4 weeks is $850 (save 10%)

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Custom Workout Plan

If you have an active membership:
2x: $49
3x: $59
4x: $69
5x: $79

If you DO NOT have an active membership:
2x: $139
3x: $149
4x: $159
5x: $169

8-week Focus Course

Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Running/Endurance, & Strongman/Powerlifting

1 Drop in Class $15
Members of HAC $199
Non-Members $299

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Sports Performance

Contact us to set up an appointment with coach Shaun regarding eligibility.

5x/week CrossFit classes, 3x/week sports performance classes, & daily personal workout plans $169