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Aerobic Capacity

Friday, November 2

CrossFit Aerobic Capacity 30 min: Run X meters 2 sets: 50′ double KB front rack carry + 50′ KB Farmers carry (200′ total) Longevity Regular...
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Thursday, October 25

CrossFit Aerobic Capacity 30-min Air Bike; every 2 min get off and complete 150′ bearhug carry QuickFit Ascending ladder x 14min 2 cal row, 2...
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Wednesday, October 17

CrossFit Aerobic Capacity 30 min Row *Every 500m, get off and complete 150′ Farmers Carry *goal is to maintain SAME pace on rower entire time...
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Tuesday, October 9

CrossFit Aerobic Capacity E3minx30 min (10 sets): Run 300 meters QuickFit Strength Superset with no rest between sets or rounds; 4x: Russian Step-Ups x 10...
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Monday, October 1

CrossFit E2min x 5 rounds (30 min) 1. Run 2. Bike 3. Row Longevity E2min x 4 rounds(24 min) 1. Run – 100m laps in...
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