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Skill work

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

A. Rope climb skill development B. 5 rounds (15 min): 1. Rope climbs 2. Sled push 50′ (25′ out- 25′ back) 3. Rest

Thursday, January 10

CrossFitA) Rope Climb Skill WorkB) “Tabata” Rope ClimbsTeams of 2, alternating rounds for QUALITY:20on x :10off x 8 sets (8 min total) QuickFitAgainst a 3-min...
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Thursday, November 1

CrossFit Skill work: Rope Climbs 1. Rope lowers 2. Spanish wrap 3. J-Hook WOD: Teams of 2, alternating rounds for QUALITY: Tabata :20 on x...
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Thursday, October 18

CrossFit Strength A. Split Jerk Technique Work B. E2minx14min (7 sets) Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps QuickFit AMRAP 12 min of: 6 Stationary Dips 9 Push-ups...
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Friday, October 5

CrossFit: Skill: Rope Climb Skill Work 1. Rope lowers 2. Spanish Wrap 3. J-hook WOD: Teams of 2, alternating rounds for QUALITY tabata: :20 on...
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Tuesday, September 18

CrossFit KB skill: single arm swings + switches KB single arm clean KB single arm front squat KB single arm lunges KB single arm push...
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Wednesday, September 12

CrossFit For time: 50 bar muscle-ups Longevity A. pullup bar skill work 1. reverse tabata dead hang 2. scap pullup 3×5 3. horizontal bar row...
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Wednesday 3/14

CrossFit A. Kipping pull-up skill progression B. For time (12 min cap): Run 400m, 21 pull-ups Run 400m, 15 pull-ups Run 400m, 9 pull-ups Longevity...
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Wednesday 2/14

CrossFit: Gymnastic Skill Development A. Handstand/handstand kickups/handstand walks B. Death by handstand walk 10′ increments Longevity: A. Theraband/Crossover Symmetry shoulder prep B. bear crawl/handstand on...
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