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Test Out

CrossFit Affiliates are like fingerprints.  From a distance, we all have similar values and training methods; in reality, there are over 13,000 CrossFit gyms world-wide, and no two are alike.  Our core values, Quality, Community, Accountability, Diligence ,and Integrity, guided the policies we have in place and create the culture inside of our gym. 

What is a Test Out?

The test out is only for people who have been a member at a CrossFit gym, most likely moving to Bloomington, and looking into finding a new gym home.  

It’s called a test out because you’ll make a 30-minute appointment with a certified expert coach to determine if you’re at a skill level to test out of our On Ramp (a pre-requisite series of classes prior to joining CrossFit classes).  

When we say “skill level” it does not mean you have to do handstand pushups and double unders to show us you’re ready for CrossFit; we want to know if you know how to do a proper air squat, where your hands are on the bar for a shoulder press, and in general taught the fundamentals.  

There is a $50 deposit for the appointment; it will be credited to your account when you sign up for services or membership.


Do I have to do it?

Yes. Our primary goal is to help new CrossFitters feel welcome at HAC, and it starts here. The coach is going to get to know you as a person, what you already know when it comes to the movements, and provide tips when needed.

Don’t be offended that we ask you to test in. Quality is one of our most important core values; it’s not just quality in your movements and you being open minded to new ideas, but quality in providing the best personalized training in a group setting by getting to know you better.

What will I be tested on?

Air squat
Front squat
Back squat
Overhead squat

Shoulder press
Push press

Accessories: kipping pullups, kettlebells, etc.

Should I be worried I won't pass?

If you’ve been CrossFitting for a couple of months, and need a reminder of what a movement is, don’t worry about failing.

Do you know where to put your feet for the squat, where your hands go on the bar, etc. If we change your form or make suggestions, it does NOT mean you’re going to fail. However, if we make changes, and those changes aren’t consistent, and there’s a sense of confusion, then we will suggest our group or private On Ramp.

I've never done Crossfit, can I do the test out?

No. If you have never done CrossFit, On Ramp is a pre-requisite before joining. If you have schedule conflicts with the group class times, we offer private training On Ramp.

How do I coordinate a time?

Use the contact form and submit a request for a test out.

Fill out the form to set up an appointment or have further questions.

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