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Join us for our newest program, Toned in 12, next Tuesday, August 29! A quick 30-minute workout that focuses on the core and booty, Toned in 12 is affordable and fun!



AMRAP 20min:

5 pullup, 10 pushup, 15 squat

Level 3: no assistance

Level 2: bands

Level 1: ring rows

Level 3: toes-touch and go

Level 2: knees- touch and go

Level 1: elevated surface box/bench

Level 3: standing-hip crease below knee-standing (no hands on legs)

Level 2: same as 3, but can use hands to push off legs

Level 1: use box or bench as needed for depth


8 rounds:

20 seconds- KB deadlifts (heavy)

*rest 10 seconds

20 seconds- ab mat sit-ups*rest 10 seconds

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