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Tuesday 10/10


Tuesday 10/10

Members JR and Marklee work on the jumping bar muscle-up during today’s skill work.

Hoosier CrossFit:

A. Strict pull-up/kipping pull-up/bar MU strength and skill development
1. Scap pulls x 5
2.  partner/box assisted strict pull-ups x 5- increasing height of pull on each rep
3. beat swing- hollow/arch x 10
4. kip + chin over bar hold + push away x 5
5. linking reps x 3-5
6. assisted/box bar MU with deep pull x 3-5
7. unassisted bar MU x 1-5

B. Reverse Tabata 10 on x 20 off x 8 rounds
Pick one of the above pieces that you can manage with GOOD positions under fatigue


Teams of 3, 4 rounds:
Min 1: DB thruster or squats
Min 2: assault bike cals
Min 3: rest

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