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Hello Monday: I found Happy and it goes like this, I will: meet challenges with conviction, taste bliss, overcome sorrow, dare adventure, fulfill promises, GO HEAVY, play all games, complete each duty, accept all struggles, embrace each loss, celebrate each win, cherish all moments, be thankful for each breath… dance to the beat of happy. I will be the girl that will always spread joy for when it comes from the heart it is impossible to keep it within. PURE Power to Be Anything that I want to be… and today it is a CHAMPION.
-Rx Star

Mobility: Hip Prep

WOD: Part 1: 10 min. to accomplish max height box jump (compare)
Part 2: Back Squat. 5@75%. 3@85%. 1+@95%.
Part 3: Tabata Pushup. 8x 20:10 (compare)

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