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Reminder: HCF Pool Party; 8pm , John K. Residence
Arrive early (6-7) to shoot some clay pigeons!

Team WOD: Teams of 4-5.
Climbing/running Fran:
21 Thrusters (65,95#), 400m. barbell carry, 7 rope climbs
15 Thrusters, 400m. barbell carry, 5 rope climbs
9 Thrusters, 400m. barbell carry, 3 rope climbs
(team will begin one person at a time with thrusters completing all reps per person-once all reps have been completed entire team will carry barbell 400m.- team will then complete all rope climb reps per person-may sub 3 rope lower per rope climb-and continue until all reps for workout have been completed- barbell may NEVER touch the floor or a 10 burpee penalty for entire team will be completed.)

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