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Racing into Spring! Don’t forget about our Spring Social this Saturday at 4pm! We’re hosting a cookout, Open Awards, and Big news about our new location!

A. Back Squat
Warm up: 6 x 30-40%, 5×40-50%, 3x 50-60%
Working Sets: 70%x3, 80%x3, 90%x3
*treat this as an E2min Emom.
B. Run
Level 1/2: 3 x 600m. w / 1 min rest
*if your 1 mile run is over 8 min.
Level 3: 3 x 800m. w/ 1 min rest
*if your 1 mile run is under 8 min.
The goal is consistency on pacing; stay within 2-3 seconds on each interval.

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